The Company has established the following management philosophy, vision, approach, and guiding principles while clarifying the social mission of our corporate activities. We aim to contribute to society through the achievement of this social mission and our continued growth as a corporation.

Management Philosophy

By striving to improve quality, ensuring thorough safety in construction works,
and always exercising creativity,
ICHIKEN aims to materialize comfortable and prosperous society through our commercial space business.

Management Vision

We aim to be a corporation that contributes to society
through the creation of richly appointed and comfortable living spaces.

Management Approach

  • From the standpoint of end-users (consumers), we will continue to conceive, propose, and provide various commercial spaces, including the construction of commercial facilities, our core business.
  • All of our employees are committed to creating customer satisfaction and raising our quality and technical standards while striving to provide consistent and meticulous service, from planning and development to design, construction, and after-sales maintenance.
  • We prioritize the safety and health of all employees, ensuring a safe and sanitary work environment.
  • With the goal of realizing a sustainable society, we actively strive to solve global environmental issues toward achieving a low-carbon and recycling-oriented society.

Guiding Principles

  1. 01

    Create customer satisfaction.

  2. 02

    Think from the standpoint of the consumer.

  3. 03

    Create an environment where individuality can flourish.

  4. 04

    Value potential and willingness.

  5. 05

    Prioritize the global environment above all else.

Logo & Corporate Message

The Meaning of the Ichiken Logo

The logo incorporates the “i” and “wave” characters from Ichiken’s name in Japanese. The thick blue line represents the company’s belief in the quality improvement, safety, and creativity in its management philosophy. The red circle represents the goals and objectives of the employees and the company. The design of this logo represents the positive attitude of the employees and company toward any goals and objectives that go to keep the company riding the wave of success.

Bringing the future to you through innovative living spaces For Your Living Space

Corporate Message

Our message expresses our corporate stance of creating and offering solutions for the future through our “living space” business, which aims to realize a comfortable and affluent society for all stakeholders, including customers, business partners, local residents, employees, and their families, and to enhance employee job satisfaction.


We strive to anticipate customer needs and ensure customer satisfaction.

We strive to be experts in commercial spaces.

We meet the challenges that possibility brings.

We are committed to safety.

We will create a new Ichiken.