Commercial Facility Construction

Reliable service based on years of experience and proven results

We offer a one-stop solution for everything from design to supervision, construction, and after-sales maintenance. With our organizational structure, infrastructure, and expertise in all aspects of construction, we handle a wide range of facility construction projects, including commercial, residential, and public facilities.

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Architecture that maintains the perspective of the consumer

Ichiken has constructed numerous commercial and other facilities at the request of architects while we managed many of these facilities ourselves. Utilizing this experience, we provide total production services from renewal planning to operation, including property management and facility value enhancement methods for after-opening maintenance. Although we build a diverse range of facilities, we always think from the perspective of the people who live and work in them. Ichiken’s business philosophy is to thoroughly reflect on “what a good architectural space should be” and “what services will be appreciated” from the viewpoint of the people who use the facilities. We provide the optimal services that our clients demand.

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  • Land / Store Opening Information

    • Land Information Gathering Activity
    • Tenant Opening Information
    • Local Regulation Research
    • Locational Survey
    • Real Estate Brokerage
  • Planning & Development

    • Marketing
    • Master Plan
    • Tenant Leasing
    • Balancing your business
    • Formulation of Business Scheme
  • Layout & Design

    • Architectural Design
    • Environmental Design
    • Interior Design
    • Interior Design Supervision
    • Large Scale Retail Store Location Act
  • Construction Management

    • Temporary Facility Plan
    • Construction Schedule Management
    • Construction Management
    • Response to Nighttime Construction
    • Notifications and Application
  • Operational Management

    • Setting Managerial Fees and Common Service Fees
    • Property Management
    • Facility Management
    • Maintenance
    • Renovation

Achieving differentiation and superiority
in commercial building construction

Ichiken’s core business is the construction and interior renovation of commercial facilities. In the process of establishing a substantial portfolio of achievements, Ichiken has gained a thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses. It has developed solutions and expertise for the unique challenges faced by commercial facilities.

Ichiken core target

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Ability to gather information to improve the accuracy of strategies

Our first step is to gather detailed information. We search for the best sites and tenants for our clients’ projects, fully utilizing our extensive information network built through our real estate business. The amount and accuracy of the information gathered can greatly affect the accuracy of the business plan drawn up. Ichiken supports our clients’ strategic planning and decision-making based on our advanced research capabilities and information from our wide-area information network.

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Planning and proposal capabilities backed
by experience and a proven track record

Ichiken works together with the client to create a business model that will ensure a high level of long-term profitability for the land on which the project is to be constructed. We create a masterplan to realize the architectural design based on marketing ideas, and then, we materialize the business image through planning that meets the requirements of the owner and tenants. We also conduct return on investment (ROI) simulations based on estimated investment costs and rent projections and propose detailed plans that include various operational measures and contingency plans.
Furthermore, as a ZEB planner, we can also propose ZEB projects in response to the growing demand for sustainable architecture to combat global warming and create a decarbonized society.

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Commercial Facility Construction Experience

Example design and construction image of a large-scale commercial facility

Example of the design and construction of a large-scale commercial facility

iTerrace Ochiai-Minami-Nagasaki

Example image of renewal construction of a large-scale commercial facility

Example of the renovation and construction of a large-scale commercial facility

Coaska Bayside Stores

Detailed case study page

Utilization of BIM

Visualization from planning and
design to construction and
management with 3D images

Ichiken began a full-scale implementation of BIM in 2016 using 3D conceptual drawings to reach consensus with clients on shapes, finishing materials, lighting, etc. before starting work on site. It also checked for conflicts between design, structure, and facility design work types and simulated construction, such as temporary work planning and steel frame erection. This helps realize easy process management by reducing rework on site and improves safety and quality control by visualizing the details of the construction.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building information models are created using computer-generated 3D information, together with building attribute information, such as the specifications, performance, and finish of each type of room, their area, materials and components, and the overall performance of the building.


Design BIM

By integrating and visualizing models of foundations, steel frames, equipment models, lighting, finishes, and so on, it is possible to reach a consensus with the client before construction begins and check for conflicts in each construction type, from planning to structure construction to equipment design. Doing this leads to improved quality and operational efficiency.

Construction BIM

By creating 3D models of the construction flow, including temporary construction planning and steel frame erection, it is possible to simulate the most efficient work methods. This helps to realize efficient process management by reducing rework on site and to improve safety and quality control through the visualization of construction details.

Integrated BIM

By adding attribute data, such as quantity, cost, finishing materials, and management information, to the building model constructed using Design BIM, construction costs can be calculated in parallel with design work. In addition, even after construction is completed, the information can be used for asset management, building management, and many other processes.

BIM modeling using a 3D scanner

Checking the undulating shape of the site, creating a reproduction model based on 3D scan data for renovation work on existing buildings and updating equipment, and proposing highly accurate renovation designs, enables efficient and rework-free planning of construction work.

BIM Construction Results

BIM Simulation Video at PMO Hamamatsucho Ⅱ

Supermarket Visualization Design with Commercial Architecture BIM

Project underway to create a world-leading “commercial architecture platform”

Marubeni Arc-Log, Inc., which operates “Arch-LOG,” a comprehensive BIM object search platform that enables dramatic improvements in efficiency and accuracy in all processes in the construction industry, is working together with our company on an alliance project to expand BIM objects and make the best use of the platform. This makes it possible to study everything from fixture placement to store lighting with completed images, allowing for more realistic proposals and improving productivity. It also supports store efficiency, energy saving, and low-cost operation.

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About ZEB Conversion Technology

Environmentally Conscious and
ZEB-enabled stores with a view to the future

Net Zero Energy Buildings (ZEBs) reduce energy consumption to a minimum and are self-sufficient, thanks to energy creation. They are attracting increasing interest from customers as they seek to achieve their CO₂ reduction targets. We, too, are promoting eco-friendly energy-saving construction efforts to realize energy conservation and energy creation in various ways, including reduction of environmental impact, resource conservation, and energy conservation. We also incorporate ZEB technology into our design and construction projects, mainly in the area of stores, our specialty. We offer proposals for the “creation of ZEB stores that are environmentally conscious and future-oriented” and work together with our clients to build such stores.

*What is a Net Zero Energy Building (ZEB)?
A building that achieves significant energy savings, while it maintains the quality of the indoor environment through the active use of natural energy, with the introduction of highly effective equipment and systems and of renewable energy to increase energy independence where possible, has the goal of achieving a “zero” annual primary energy consumption balance.

Ichiken's ZEB storefront development image 1

Ichiken's ZEB store construction image 2

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Ichiken ZEB

We realize ZEB construction friendly to people and the environment by saving and creating energy economically, using the following technologies, and designing the building with careful consideration of views, daylight, openness, flow lines, and lighting.

Ichiken's ZEB construction image that is friendly to people and the environment

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ZEB Planner Certification Badge

ZEB Planner

As part of the Net Zero Energy Building (ZEB)* Demonstration Project, Ichiken has been selected as a ZEB Planner (registration type: design) by the Japan Environmental Competition Initiative. As a ZEB Planner, Ichiken aims to achieve a ZEB ratio of more than 50% of its design work for new buildings in FY2025, in order to help realize a decarbonized society.

Definition of ZEB

Ichiken's ZEB definition image

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Buildings that meet ZEB Ready requirements by reducing primary energy consumption by at least 100% from the base through the addition of renewable energy sources.
Nearly ZEB
Buildings that meet ZEB Ready requirements and have reduced primary energy consumption by at least 75% but less than 100% from the base through the addition of renewable energy
ZEB Ready
Buildings with primary energy consumption reduced by 50% or more from the base, excluding any renewable energy sources
ZEB Oriented
Buildings with a total building area of 10,000 ㎡ or more that reduce the primary energy consumption specified for each use from the reference amount, excluding that from renewable energy, and that introduce unevaluated technologies.

*The term “ZEB” refers to a broad concept that includes ZEB Ready, Nearly ZEB, and ZEB Oriented, and “ZEB” is used in the narrow sense of “buildings with net zero or negative primary energy consumption” without referring to individual ZEB status.

ZEB Construction Experience

Development of Site of Former Yokohama Minami Ward General Government Building (VIERRA Maita)

Acquired BELS and ZEB-Ready certification

JR West Real Estate & Development Company was selected as the contractor in an open call for bids for a problem-solving project using the site of the former Yokohama Minami Ward General Government Building and the project started.
In response to needs for sustainable buildings toward a decarbonized society as a measure against global warming, we proposed to convert the property into a ZEB as a ZEB Planner, in accordance with Yokohama’s Zero Carbon Yokohama declaration which aims to realize a decarbonized society and JR West Real Estate & Development Company’s environmental guidelines which state to “contribute to the advancement of communities and society as a whole through environmentally-friendly urban development.”
This will be the fourth complex commercial facility to be converted into a ZEB in Japan (at the time of the June 2020 plan). Unlike other properties like office buildings, making a commercial facility a ZEB is a concerted effort requiring the participation of both the building owner and tenants. Therefore, our first task was to gain the tenants’ understanding on ZEB and convince them. Meeting conditions such as insulation, highly efficient equipment, and solar power, three companies jointly applied for ZEB certification: building framework and common area owner JR West Real Estate & Development Company as the head applicant, along with the main tenants Life Corporation of the supermarket area and Nissei Real Estate Co., Ltd. (RENNAISSANCE ) of the sports club area. The building obtained the highest possible ranking in BELS (5 stars) and acquired ZEB-Ready certification.
Going forward, the state of energy consumption will be able to be ascertained with a BEMS*3. Aiming to conserve energy further in the future, we will consider ZEB projects that incorporate new ZEB technology based on the results of this project and continue to drive environmental initiatives even more.

Property Description

Project name
Development of Site of Former Yokohama Minami Ward General Government Building
Facility name
Construction period
From August 17, 2020 to September 30,2022
Opened on
October 20, 2022
Construction site
48-1 Hananoki-cho 3-chome, Minami-ku, Yokohama
RC-structured basement floors, S-structured above-ground
2 basement floors, 4 above-ground
Use application
Complex commercial facility with retail stores, restaurants, sports club, and more
Site area
Building area
Total floor space
JR West Real Estate & Development Company
ICHIKEN / Ootani Kensetsu Joint Venture

Tackling SDGs

Ichiken's response to the SDGs

Acquisition of certification

Ichiken's certification

*BELS: Building-Housing Energy-efficiency Labeling System. A system in which a third-party rating agency assesses and certifies a building’s energy conservation performance.
*BEMS: Building and Energy Management System

Initiatives in Industry-Academia Collaboration

Ichiken’s “one pillar–one pile method” receives
Building Technical Performance Certification

On March 18, 2022, we were awarded the Building Technical Performance Certification by the General Building Research Corporation of Japan for our One Pillar–One Pile Method. Our Technology Division’s Technology Department started developing this method in April 2020 as an industry–academia collaboration with the Osaka Institute of Technology.

Purpose of the One Pillar, One Pile Method /
Development of a method to eliminate the need for underground beams

  • This construction method is applicable to land with excavation restrictions, such as for the protection of buried cultural properties.
  • This method is expected to reduce the cost of foundation demolition for fixed-term leasehold properties, etc.

Ichiken's One Pillar, One Pile Method Image

Image of Ichiken's experimental apparatus

Experimental equipment

Ichiken's Building Technology Performance Certificate

Building Technical Performance Certificate

*Certain conditions are stipulated for the use of this construction method, such as restrictions on the types of buildings and ground to which it can be applied.(e.g., steel-framed rigid-frame structure, scale up to 1-story store, rooftop parking, etc.)